A mother´s unconditional love

A Mother´s unconditional Love – the most powerful weapon on Earth

It is not significant WHO we are or WHAT we have, much more important is, HOW we can help and BE OF SERVICE to the world.
For most of my life I couldn’t really relate to these words. Even though, I had all reasons to catch the point because my journey was a challenging one with more down’s than up´s. No matter what, I always preferred listening to others speaking about their lives rather than talking about myself. Today, I am totally aware of what these words really means.
When I was about four years old, I wrote a letter to my Mum saying that I love her. However, my handwriting was not readable to anyone except me. The letter was written in the mirror language. In those days, little, if anything was known about the science of mirror neurons. Furthermore, the language the letter was written was not German. It was written in English and in then not many people living in that area could speak English. Therefore, my letter remained a mystery and as a result I kept it hidden in my treasury. I clearly remember before entering school, whenever I spoke to my soul, I spoke in a different language, which to me sounded English, but I wasn’t sure because no one ever had told me what this language was called. I never really understood why I was different to other children my age and kept asking myself, why do I know all these things which others don´t know, and why do I not know all those things which others do know. However, that question kept puzzling me all my life. The only comforting explanation I had, was when I started believing that this must be a gift I had been given. Perhaps a gift from former lives. Who knows?
Being aware of how to speak in English to my soul and being able to write in the mirror language, I couldn’t wait until entering primary school at the age of seven. I was so excited at the thought of finding other children like me and with whom I could share all my knowledge. However things turned out differently to what I had expected. Soon after entering school, my teacher, an elderly and stern lady found that my writing was not legible. One day, she watched me and noticed that I was writing with my left hand which in those days was not tolerated by the local school system and even worse, she saw that all my letters were written back to front. She kept crossing out my essays. One morning while copying letters and words from the blackboard, she approached me, kept observing my handwriting and all at a sudden she became so angry and asked me to stretch out my left hand, the one I was using for writing. Suddenly I felt a sharp and painful stroke from the stick she used for pointing out things at the blackboard. It felt so painful and I started crying. For the rest of the day I was unable to use my hand. It had swollen so badly and I felt an unbearable pain in my fingers. This happened towards the end of October and the weather started getting cold. On my way home from school, my hand was getting cold and sore. To me, it felt as if it was the end of my school education, before it had even started. I was without hope and with a hand I couldn´t use any longer. Had it not been for my Mum with her unconditional love, I couldn´t have healed from my physical and even more from my emotional pain. I felt a strong pain deep in my heart. Because of her compassionate and loving care, she inspired and empowered me not to give up, she even taught me how to write using my right hand. In less than half a year she managed to teach me how to use my right hand and to write from left to right. She actually prevented me from being put into a school for mentally sick children as this was the solution according to my school.
My mum´s tenderness and love rescued me from becoming insane. Her unconditional love made me regain my confidence and self-esteem which I had lost within the first few weeks after entering school. Because of her love and compassion, I gained the courage to continue my school education. She inspired me and made me the person I am today. She used to say: never give up in life and always be grateful for what you have and who you are, and never forget to help others if they need your help. Here words are engraved in my heart forever. Fifty five years later and being a Mother myself, I follow her words and truly can confirm that only a Mother with her pure and unconditional love is capable of turning the world around.
Unconditional love, the tool which doesn´t cost anything has been given to women. If we use it in the right way, our planet will change for the better.

Regina Ioannou


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