Future generation, new roles

Living in the 21st. century, evolution is taking place on all levels.It explains that we are all part of that process in one way or another and each one of us has a contribution to make. Suffering has become unbearable for all living creation and I feel that we all have to contribute if we want things to happen for the better. Having gone through life, we all have something to share and a role to play. Why are we blaming others for things we could have made better? Aren’t we all living on the same planet? During our journey on Earth, we have been given multiple opportunities to act and change things for the better. Haven’t we?
Time is speeding up and things are deteriorating day after day. It is not sufficient to rely on leaders and entrepreneurs only. Yes, we agree, that these are the strong ones, the brave ones, who are willing to make a move forward and take on tasks which require knowledge, courage and above all a deep sense of emotional engagement. Looking at life in general, there is a time to learn, to enjoy and to experience life. The time of learning is as important as the other two, because learning and experiencing without enjoyment can be boring and makes life miserable. It is the same as a salad without salt doesn´t taste salad. The essence of all three together is our legacy, this needs to be shared with the world. Regardless of age, gender, nationality, academic, social or ecological background, everyone has something to share, a role to play and each one excels in something. We should know that we are not here only for our own purpose, but also for the universal purpose. This awakening is necessary, as we need a critical mass with the vibrations of pure love to resonate with the Earth for its salvation. The new generation has come to assist us with that shift. Unconditional Love is the vibration of their voice. We need to listen carefully to their messages. It is our responsibility to support them in their God-given mission in life.


Life In Balance - The Four-Pillar Approach

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