Here is some feedback from some wonderful people I have had the pleasure of working with.

“I met Regina in the summer of 2015 in Strasbourg, where I went for some French classes. I got more than I bargained for because coming to think of it maybe that trip was all about coming across her.  I will always cherish our moment, “barefoot in the park”, in front of the majestic edifice of the Conseil de l’ Europe.

She sat with me and listened to me (really listened), looking me straight with her clear blue eyes. She gladly offered me her thoughts on my situation from the depots of her life experience, all the time her warm smile emanating the sun over our heads.  Ever since, the points she has raised and the image of her own serenity are my shield.

Regina is still walking with me through my life’s winding paths both as a presence and as a positive influence. I’m glad and honoured to consider myself her friend.”

Ioanna, Thessaloniki, Greece

“Do you believe in Angels? Or perhaps you believe that some people come to your life with some very important mission? They would gently touch your life and you become a better person, you become “You”…

Regina is one of those people for me. 

I met her in Dubai and we spent some very meaningful and special hours together.

She helped me realise my core purpose and the real values in my life.

She is leading by example not only by words. Although her words touch deeply… they come from her generous heart.

Regina  is a very personable, loving, powerful and wise woman. Her children are very lucky to have her as a mum.

I will keep her words with me and if I have doubt, I will just remember that evening we spent together sharing our stories…and learning the truth…with eyes filled with tears of happiness and relief…. Thank you Regina… You are an Angel!”

 With love, 

Natalia Dibrova

Writing this testimonial brings to my mind many beautiful memories. I traveled to Abadainia, Brazil in May 2015 with my husband and our son who was two at that time. We went to that magical town looking for healing for our little angel that due to his prematurity developed a syndrome that caused multiple damages to his brain. In this holy place we were blessed by many ways, one of them was meeting Regina. The way our son responded to her let us know the kind of soul she is. No one until then had explained to us how blessed we were for having him. We were always focused on his healing, not understanding he is here to heal us. Regina is the kind of people I pray God to put in our way everyday.
Because our little angel is a full time job, we didn’t have much time to share with Regina, but in the few moments we get to see her everyday while being in Abadainia, she always had heartwarming, calming, kind, and peaceful words for us and our little one. She is the kind of person that can really make your day and make you understand how valuable you are. I read once that we are the extended arms of God, and by meeting her I was able to understand this better because I feel through her God told me I was doing good with my son. It is not like I was looking recognition for being a good mom, but I guess we all have doubts as parents specially when you have kids with special needs and everything becomes more uncertain.
We have learned a lot through this journey. There have been good and bad times, but I can tell you that seeing my boy smiling is the best compensation I can get. We are here to give love to others and that is what Regina does…spreading love to all of those she meets along her way..

Yolanda Garcia, Jorge Calderon, and Jorge Antonio Calderon-Garcia

Tampa, FL USA


I would welcome any feedback or testimonial from you. Please send an email to regina@reginaioannou.com. Thank you.

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