The woman and her roles in society

Regina IoannouImagine a society without women? Our world would not exist. The woman plays and always has paid a significant role in history. Women have occupied key roles in all imaginable domains.The world has known great women leaders, for example in politics, medicine, media, science, universities, banks, large concerns and in many more fields. Not to mention the women “heroines” who were leading and holding together entire family clans and communities, while their husbands were serving in wars, without knowing if and when they would return. A woman can develop an enormous strength and endurance in order to achieve her goal. It is her attribute to make things happen. Her capability of spreading hope and love is unique. It is a divine gift she has been given. She holds the love which our world needs in order to find its balance.

The woman being mother

At the moment of giving birth to her child, the mother develops a deep and powerful bond which is nourished by the spiritual love, the love which comes from the heart. Depending on the intensity of the mother´s love passed on to the newborn, a life-long healthy and solid foundation will be laid for the child. During the first years of childhood, the toddler receives from the mother and father the basic education in terms of social behavior and self-development which leads towards a well-grounded and successful adult life. Bringing up a child with love and care is an enormous responsibility. The woman gives birth to the child, the child grows up and becomes the leader, protector and father of tomorrow. Growing up with a mother´s devotion, love and care, are inextinguishable qualities which are engraved in a child´s heart forever.

The woman being wife

As the quote says: “Behind every successful man is a great woman”

In history, the majority of famous and successful men our world has known, had been supported by a strong and powerful woman. The woman has the talent to support the man climbing the ladder of success. However, the woman is capable of succeeding in the professional world all by herself without any support, and this is, because she is a woman.

The woman as female employee

Almost 159 years have passed since first female garment workers in New York went on the street, claiming for their rights and equal conditions with men. This was on8th of March 1857, the day now recognized worldwide as Women´s Day. 159 years later, things haven´t improved that much and it seems that women are still claiming for equal rights and conditions. Why is it that a woman needs to be treated as inferior to a man? The system, we live in should after all recognize that, if we want to achieve peace and harmony on our planet, there cannot be superiority or inferiority within humanity. The powerful law that has been implemented by the universe is the law of polarity, which signifies Equality. Everything else is “manmade” and seems to fail in the long-term.Why can´t we follow the rules and laws the Universe has given to us? How can men expect women to develop to their full potential and cope with all the roles attributed to them, if they are treated as inferior beings? Until we have learned our lesson and follow the laws of the universe, there will be no peace on Earth! The problem needs to be cured by its roots. Equality is the only recipe, if we want to save our planet.


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