True Happiness

Everyone is looking for happiness. Our lives are based – either consciously or unconsciously – on things that we believe will make as happy.
The desire for happiness is an innate quality for every living on Earth. It is inseparable and is as important as the oxygen we breathe. There is no satisfaction, no meaning to life without happiness. The need and desire to find happiness is so strong that we continue to look for it until we find it. And this is where confusion starts. Most of us try to find happiness through the material world. Whatever relief or pleasure we experience through material things is temporary and soon we start searching for something else in the hope that it will last. When we give our entire heart, mind, and life over to the shiny hope of success in material life, we will be heart-broken over and over again, as we will not find fulfilment there, regardless the amount of efforts we make. Most of us live in a state of deep hunger for something vital that is missing from our lives. We search for it constantly, but finding it is impossible unless we have a clear understanding of who we are.

Happiness is a state of mind:

In order to be truly happy, truly satisfied, we need to look for happiness where it can actually be found. The ancient yoga scriptures teaches us that happiness can be found through the realization of our spiritual identity. It is important to reconnect with our spiritual source and it is a gradual process but even in the early stages, we begin to feel joy, peace and this is where the feeling of happiness begins.

Practical tips of how to improve happiness:

-If you care for people, you become happier too.
-Keep practicing at least one good action a week.
-Stay away from people who are negative.
-Start to believe in you because no one else will do it for you.
-Do regular exercise, Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are excellent
-Be persistent in whatever you do
-Repetition also strengthens your confidence
-Use only affirmative words, example I am happy, I am the Master of my faith…..
-Think positive – Remember thoughts influence actions.
-Enjoy Nature

By doing daily practice, our minds and hearts are gradually purified of material misunderstandings. Slowly, we are able to know in our hearts the deeply fulfilling joy of our true nature and the loving relationship with the Supreme that is inseparable from it.


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