What do emotions tell us?

It feels as if more and more people around the globe are suffering from emotional Imbalance. The way life is structured, (the Four Pillar Approach) the emotional aspect is the aspect that needs the most attention. Feeling emotionally well, our lives go well too! Emotions are interconnected with our spiritual being and the center of our emotions is the heart. What our hearts tell us, is how we feel. The thing is, where can we turn to and who is willing to listen, when our hearts are crying?
It seems that the system as we know it, is losing its credibility and is running out of sustainability. As a consequence, people, especially young people are losing trust and confidence in the system, our world has been ruled for so long. It feels, as if nothing is secure anymore. One day, you have a job, everything is fine and the next day, your job is gone, no job anymore. Without even mentioning the tragedies, caused by men that occur in all parts of the world. How can one cope with such an emotional shock? Who is willing to listen and hold hands with people who have lost their entire families and shelters, caused by wars and other unexpected occurrences?
Our world is spinning downhill and it looks as if we are running into an emotional disaster! It’s time to realize that one cannot expect help from outside. If we rely on others, we end up feeling even more heart broken. It’s time to reconnect to our inner sources and to look up and not down. It’s time to awaken and to understand that we are coming from a higher realm, we are divine beings and without exception, we are all connected with our higher self. However, it is easier said than done, it is the homework we have been given and we all need to do this homework, right now, if we want to make our planet a better place to live on.
Joe Sabah once said “You don’t have to be good to start … you just have to start to be good!”

Make your first step:
Give yourself a moment or two of silence, real silence. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold your breath for some seconds and then exhale. With that breathing exercise, you release tension from your body. Maybe you also can feel your pulse or you hear your heart beats. That´s right! Now, ask yourself: what is bothering you? Take the time and feel what your emotions tell you. You may feel a strange pain in your heart or in your intestinal area. Keep focused on these emotions and just keep listening to what is coming up. Slowly, slowly, your inner voice starts talking to you while you keep silent. Be grateful and acknowledge the messages coming to your awareness. These are moments of connecting with your inner self, with your divine sources and the more often you practice it, the more you start holding on to these sources which bring you peace and freedom.


Life In Balance - The Four-Pillar Approach

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