Why Relationships

Why Relationships:

Man and Nature:

We are all born as complete humans, in body, mind and spirit. This is what we know as physical body. This physical body stays with us lifelong from the moment we are born until we die. There is nothing missing. However, there is a reason for us being here. Looking at it from that perspective, I believe that the reason for our being here, is to learn and to develop. Planet Earth is the appropriate place and nature supplies us with everything we need to improve and survive. Our flora and fauna are the best examples for us to live and enjoy a peaceful and happy life. The truth is that we are all seeking that, but we don´t know how to find it? To find the answer, we need to ask ourselves:  Why can´t we just live by following the rhythm, nature is teaching us. Haven´t we been given all the senses to understand and follow the rules of the universe? Why do we have to have our own system and way of living?  Did nature make any mistake?  Perhaps, we humans have lost our common senses and don´t want to understand what life is all about?

What does the word ´relationship´ really mean and why is it so important?

It means interconnecting and communicating with people. Living in times of technology, relationships have become a top priority in today´s life. We all need to have at least one or more solid and healthy relationships. To live and enjoy an emotionally healthy life, it is important to interconnect and communicate with people, to share, but also to learn from them. This is how human life is. Our very first relationship was with our physical mother during breastfeeding. This intimate and loving Mother – Child connection through physical touch is the moment, we start building a solid and healthy foundation for any kind of future relationships. The various types of relationships, either built on an intimate, family, friendship, business, social or any other level are always based on one and the same foundation. These elements aren´t taught at any school, they are supposed to be part of the basic education given by parents to their children. Much depends on how strongly these fundamental elements are developed. At the end of the day this is what parents should give to their children before they leave the nest. It is the most valuable dowry for a fulfilling life.

Understanding:  means spending time and listening to the other person’s point of view. It doesn´t mean that you have to agree with what he/she is saying, as long as you understand their point of view.

Respect: a respectful person accepts others, the way they are. It doesn´t mean, taking ownership of anyone, not even one´s own children. It simply means accepting others with their uniqueness.

Compassion: literally means “suffering together”. A compassionate person is one who shows kindness and cares about other people´s problems.

Trust: A trusting person is someone with integrity and loyalty. Trust is a vibration of inner space, it is the mirror of the soul.

Sincerity: A sincere person is one who is true to him/herself. Who speaks and acts truly about his/her own feelings, beliefs, thoughts and desires.

The crown of these five elements is what we call Love, unconditional and conditional Love. Both of them are necessary for establishing any kind of relationship.


How does -being pleasant- affect a relationship?


Being pleasant, is not for someone else, it is only for you. If you become pleasant with yourself, the world around you will become pleasant.  Imagine, if you are in the company of a pleasant person, you automatically become a pleasant person too.

If you are expressing joy and happiness, then your relationship will become wonderful. However, if you seek joy and happiness, then your relationship will sooner or later become a problem.  To maintain a solid and healthy relationship, giving and receiving must be equally balanced between both parties.

How do we recognize a pleasant person?

The physical body tells if a person is pleasant or not.

Body:  a pleasant body expresses health and harmony.

Mind:  a pleasant mind radiates love and compassion.

Emotions: a pleasant person is loving and compassionate.

Energy: a pleasant person expresses blissfulness and happiness.


Example: Why do we love flowers? Flowers are not here simply to please us. They are just by nature, filled with love and harmony and therefore are pleasant to look at.  That is why people love flowers. The same applies for human beings too. We just love being with pleasant people. It gives us the feeling of wholeness.



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